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New UV Lining Rig Arrives


Environmental Techniques are pleased to welcome a new UV Lining Rig. The rig, which is fitted with the latest in UV-lining technology, joins the existing UV-Rig to boost resources for this new and in demand service.



The UV Lining Rig has already undertaken its maiden projects in Belfast, Northern Ireland, after undergoing rigorous safety and quality checks after arriving from Germany. The UV system cures resin in the liner by use of an ultra-violet light train which travels through the inflated liner. The technology, an alternative to water and steam curing, allows rehabilitation to be undertaken in shorter time periods and in less accessible areas. With the improvements in technology and equipment, the liners are able to be put in with increasing levels of quality, efficiency and safety.


Find out more about the UV Lining technology by clicking on this link.

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