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Additional Fuller Recycler

Following the successful implementation of the Fuller Recycler purchased last year, Environmental Techniques have purchased an additional Fuller Recycler. 

Our clients have welcomed the use of Recyclers as they can significantly reduce the dependence on clean water resources. Filtering the spoiled water and reusing it to clean the sewer has proven invaluable in remote areas with no access to a water supply or in towns and villages were clean, drinking water resources are limited. 

The newcomer comprises of the latest Volvo FM 410 HP Euro-6 truck head and a ECWVTA 3800-gallon Fuller recycler. The machine is the ‘High Performance’ spec, producing 500 lpm at up to 200 bar pressure.  It has 180 metres of jetting hose and ‘Liquid Ring’ continuous recycling operation. 

Fuller Tankers became the first tanker manufacturer in the UK to achieve ECWVTA on the range of recyclers, starting in 2010 with the Volvo chassis.  

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