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Trenchless Trailblazers


An interview with Environmental Techniques' Director, Shauna Herron, has been published by Trenchless International in their Summer 2015 magazine. The article, titled 'Trenchless Trailblazers', puts the spotlight on three prominent women in Europe and Asia's no-dig sectors, to discuss their careers in the trenchless industry.

Shauna has worked in the trenchless industry for 16 years, and has helped developed trenchless technologies in both her role as a Director in Environmental Techniques and as a UKSTT Councillor. Below are Shauna's answers to the questions, as featured in the magazine.


What is your trenchless industry background?

"I graduated as a Civil Engineer 24 years ago and worked mainly on large marine projects such as the construction of harbours and marinas. In 1995, I became a chartered engineer while working for Charles Brand Ltd. Since joining Environmental Techniques in 1999, I have spent the last 16 years specialising in Trenchless Technology.

What attracted you to the trenchless industry?

"A decade and a half ago, mainstream civil engineering had not yet distinguished itself in sustainability initiatives. I felt that the trenchless industry was exciting and at the forefront of creative environmental projects. I gained my chartered environmentalist status through the application of Trenchless Technologies to projects that would have traditionally been excavated."

What is your favourite project or challenge to work on?

"My favourite project is the recent Dublin City Centre Sewerage Scheme. The scope of the project was to carry out a comprehensive survey to assess the structural condition of approximately 80km of ageing and complex drainage systems throughout the city centre. The project was high profile and put trenchless to the fore in Ireland. It also won the prestigious 2015 UKSTT Innovative Scheme Award."

Did you have any female role models in the industry? Who do you look up to and why?

"My mother inspired me and my sisters. From an early age she told us that we could be whatever we wanted to be. She encouraged me to persevere with my career choice in civil engineering, especially after my careers advisor in school suggested that I do nursing or teaching, which he thought was more suitable for a girl!"

Do you have any advice for women just beginning their careers in the trenchless industry, and what advice can you offer women considering it as a career?

"Keep abreast of all the innovative solutions that are being developed and see how you can apply some to your sphere of work. I think it is an exciting time to join the trenchless industry given the rehabilitation requirements of our ageing infrastructure. You can develop a specialty that will make a real contribution to future projects."

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